Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rhyme-time Border! How I made it.

Hello all! 
Wow it's a long time since I came on here! And there was I thinking I would have all the time in the world once I retired ! Hahaha!

Anyway I thought today I would show show how I made the border that went on all the pages in my parchment alphabet book that was recently on Hochanda.
Here is the book and one of the pages.

As you can see I used the letters on the Groovi Nursery Rhyme plates by Claritystamp to create the border all around the page. 

It took me two goes to get it right but I think that I was lucky! I wanted to use the largest undecorated letter to do the border but quickly realised that this was not possible as it would have made a huge border and I didn't want my book that size!

So I started off attaching a piece of A5 parchment to the plate mate and then working on the back of the parchment emboss the largest square on the A5 Nested Squares using the number 1 tool. 

I wanted my border to have all the letters to fit round in a clockwise fashion so because I am working on the back I would have to do the opposite. So I decided to draw a rough plan of the border and work out how the letters would fit around the square.
Here is my plan. 

I kept this on my table as a reminder! 

Next I took the parchment off the plate mate and got the baby plate inset to hold the baby plates steady.

I then followed my plan starting with A in the bottom right hand corner on the reverse.

G in the top corner 

then fitted in the rest of the letters.They needed to be tight to one another so that they all fitted in.

This is what is should look like

 Now In the top left hand corner add the N 

Then refer to your plan to add the letters in between.
I added the H first then the ML and K as these are the biggest letters

You should now have two sides complete.

Next add the T to the final corner.

Follow your plan to add OPQRS (sorry not all my photos worked)

You now have the final letters to add. I added the Z first next to the A
This bottom part is a tight fit so some letters may overlap a bit.

You will now have a complete border of letters
I then brought the nested square back and relocated it on my border. 

I then embossed the fourth square in form the largest making sure I didn't go over the letters
You should now have an alphabet border to colour or emboss!

And if you want to do a book you need another 25!!!

Hope this helps those who wanted to know how I did it.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Fabulous project and thanks for blogging. Xx

  2. Thanks for sharing it is amazing.
    Linda xxx

  3. Beautiful and a lot of work. Thank-you for sharing. X x

    1. Thank you! The border was just the start! X

  4. You have a lot of patience! Thanks for sharing. It's a lovely project. xx

    1. Thank you! Years of teaching teenagers has developed my patience! X

  5. Brilliant instructions and well thought out . Your book is amazing xx

    1. Thanks Linda... It took a while! Xxx

  6. Thank you Jane, that must have taken some time to do all that. Love the book. Very clever. Xxx

    1. Each page didn't take that long but it was the fact you had 26 pages and a cover to do that took the time! Thank you for the lovely comments! X

  7. Wow that is fantastic, well done and thanks for sharing xx

  8. Wonderful and thank you, it did look complicated, but u have made it look so easy will have to have a go Jane !

    1. It wasn't hard once I'd got the first one done...and I got quicker as I did more of them! Thank you! Xx

  9. A real labour of love. I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us. xxx Maggie