Monday, 9 March 2015

Making a Rainbow!

Good evening to you all
After a very stressful day and a weekend I want to forget about I thought I would spend a bit of time indulging myself and writing my blog! And what better thing to do but blog about the Fairy book I made for the last Claritystamp show on Sunday 1st March.

I love this set of stamps and as soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for making a Child's story book. I got this idea from a project that I do with my year 9 classes where they have to look at children's books and then write a short story of their own and turn it into a book. I suggest to the class that they think of something that they want to teach the children through a story so that's where I started. 

There are two sets of the Wee Fairies: Set 3 and Set 4
I counted the fairies to see how many there were and then thought I could use them to teach children about the colours of the Rainbow. I can recall being taught the way remember the colours is by the saying phrase Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain but I wanted something more Child friendly. So I started to think of a story. I wrote this is rhyming couplets as this is often how children's books are written.

Here is the Story

Rose the Fairy loved everything Red,
Ola wanted Orange, even her bed!
Yasmin needed bright Yellow to be seen,
But Gordon wanted it all to be Green.
Bobby made the whole world turn blue,
It had to be Indigo for Iris through and through.
And not forgetting Vivian, last but not least,
She needed Violet ...Oh what a feast!
They all loved their colours but wanted to show,
That when they all get together, We see a beautiful Rainbow.

I then thought about how I was going to create a book.

I while ago I bought a miniature board book which had 4 pages held together with rings. Perfect! I painted the art boards with gesso to seal them and cut pieces of theuva card to fit the pages. I would stamp and colour these then stick onto the board pages when finished.
I created the front cover first and drew the rainbow and coloured it with promarkers. I added the title which I had made on the PC and a bit of sparkle using the stars and embossing powder

The next page I planned to get two colours on so drew a feint line diagonally. One side red and the other orange. I masked off each half and made a little scene in each using the fairies and the other stamps. I drew some bits that I didn't have stamps for like the bed. I printed out the words and stuck these on. Once completed I added sparkle then stuck it to the board book being careful it was the right way round.  I then found buttons the same colour as each page to add interest and a bit of embellishment.

I then went to do the 2nd page, this time yellow and green.

This is how they look together.

The next page was blue and Indigo

with Violet being on its own. I used the toadstool stamp to make the scene and fill the full page. I think this is my favourite page of all of them.

Here they are together

I then had to create the final part when they all come together and make the Rainbow. I put the two pieces of card together on my work space and used distress stains to make the splats. Word of advice...move things well away when you do this!
I then stamped all the fairies in black archival ink to make the double page.

The back of the book I drew the rainbow again and used the final fairy that had not appeared in the story. And I added my personalised bespoke stamp I use on the back of all my samples.
The whole thing was put together and that was my Fairy Book complete! I was a lot of work but I really enjoyed doing it.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about this project. It would be lovely to hear what you think of it!

Happy Crafting


  1. Jane, this is simply stunning. Thank you for sharing. Xxx

  2. Jane this is fantastic, I love your rhyme too. What a lovely keepsakebit would make for a child x

  3. Jane this is fantastic, I love your rhyme too. What a lovely keepsakebit would make for a child x