Saturday, 20 September 2014

If one bird can't do it....Toucan!

Good Morning to you all and I thought I would share with you two cards done for the last Clarity Stamp show. The Toucan is a fascinating and almost comical bird! And the stamp does not disappoint! It's fab!

To go with the Toucan there are the most fantastic cheese plant leaves!  We had a plant of this in our old house and it eventually took over a corner of our dining room! Unfortunately it did not survive the move!

 Any way the first card took a lot of masking and then colouring but I think it looks great as if there were just a load of toucans all waiting for something. 

The next card took a bit longer as I had to stamp and colour the leaves, then cut them out...its a good job I like cutting out!
The idea was that the leaves were the jungle and as you opened the jungle up inside a clearing were the toucans hiding!

Here's how the card looked closed 

And here it is open
The leaves on the inside are stamped using the solid leaf shapes and 2 colours of ink. I ad stamped and masked the toucans onto the card so that they would be in front on the leaves. I did use a few that I had cut out around them to add a bit of dimension! 

Thanks for looking! Have a lovely weekend.
Happy Crafting


  1. Both of these cards are fantastic and you've convinced me to put them on my list xx

  2. Great cards Jane. I especially like the Toucans hiding in the jungle.

  3. Fab cards Jane. Such a lot of work in both of them. x

  4. Oh my life! Such wonderful work Jane... Dedication, that's what it is! Blooming delightful. I'm not sure Toucan, but you sure can! Xxxx

  5. what beautiful cards. cutting out must have taken forever. a true labour of love xx