Friday, 6 June 2014

Three dimensional Glasses!

Well that has been a hard week! But its over and I can't really complain as it's passed without too much grief...just hard work on everyone's part! 

It feels an age since the last Clarity Programme but it isn't a full week yet! So I will take this opportunity to post one of the samples I did for the show.!

It came about by a bit of a fluke really. I was playing with my Gelli plate and the new stencils to create backgrounds for my samples and I used the abstract squares stencil and a blotted it with a piece of A4 paper I then pulled a print and then did it again ion a different colour and blotted it on the same A$ paper....this was the inspiration I needed for this card!  I cleaned off the gelli and loaded it up with purple paint flicked a bit of water at it to add a bit of texture. I placed the stencil on it and then without removing the stencil I  
pulled the print. I removed the stencil and pulled the ghost print.
I then loaded the gelli again this time with turquoise pain. Again I flicked a little water at it and added the stencil turning it one quarter turn and then pulled the print. I pulled the ghost print too!
That gave me two background prints.

I felt the first print I had done didn't need much to make it into a card other than a sentiment and what other word could I use but  'Inspire'. I stamped this in Black then found two colours similar to my paint colours....purple twilight and Stream and stamped the word again moving it slightly down each time to create a shadow! I mounted the print on to a purple card then onto a white 8 x 8 blank card. I cut the sentiment into an arrow and edged it with faux stitching then added this to the card....Job done! Martyn presenting the show seemed to like it and said it looked like you needed 3 D glasses to look at it!

Here is the finished card. Let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting 


  1. Fabulous. Enjoy your weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. This really stood out when I saw it on TV. Love these colours together and turning the stencil gives a great effect. I must dig out my 3D glasses to see if Martyn was right. Have a lovely weekend - hopefully playing with Clarity club stencil and stamp xx

  3. I love the simplicity of this card, great for all occasions and quick to make, great idea.

  4. Hi Jane, only just catching up on blogs....oh this is brilliant and great minds once again...I love how you have used the stencil with paint and the Gelli plate...the technique looks great with inks too...catch up soon....Jo. X