Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Big Orange Flowers!

When I was very young I can remember my grandma always having big orange flowers in the glass vase on the kitchen table and there were always 5! I know now they were chrysanthemums but to me as a child, they were just big and orange. To this day they make me smile as they hold such happy memories of my Grandma and Grandad, who I spent a lot of time with as a child playing in their back garden or on the rug in front of the fire.

So when I got these stamps a little smile lit up my face and I knew I had to do big orange flowers!

The Background is done with the matching stencil. I used the leaves from the Leaf set 1 but I had to mask the flowers which took a bit of cutting out. I also stamped and embossed the congratulation sentiment. I bent it into shape to fit round the flowers and it worked pretty well. I di the topper on a luggage tag and then mounted this onto brown card the onto the backing card before I put it on the 8 x 8 card blank. I finished with a bit of green ribbon and a sparkle gem and a couple of Sweet lilac flowers.

I hope you like this card.

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Happy Crafting


  1. Love this card so much...I love chrysanthamums too...the smell and autumn colours remind me of harvest festivals held in school whebn I was a's lovely how colours and smells bring back memories. Xx annie

  2. Oh my Jane this is stunning! I love the gorgeous flowers, the background is stunning and the tag looks amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Linda xxx

  3. Beautiful card and the colours you have used are so fresh and vibrant x

  4. Its stunning Jane... And I love pictures that are full of love and happy memories.... I think it shows through xxx

  5. Love it Jane great colours - I remember Chrysants too my Dads workmate used to grow them so Mum always had some when they were in flower - but I remember the earwigs that used to crawl out of them too eww xx

  6. Very Pretty Jane I do like this a lot. Dad used to buy my Mother these and the colours you have used are just right......fond memories, Thank you xx

  7. Great colours Jane....and a lovely blog is good to share in your memories...

  8. I thought the memory was beautiful as is the card NEARLY as good as mine today in your workshop!!!!!! X

    1. Haha! Nicola that was really funny! Although you nearly did as well as the year 11. X

  9. Lovely card, Jane - I am loving the orange! xx