Saturday, 30 November 2013

On the Farm

My last two cards from last months samples are here! I am a bit behind as I have had a very busy month with one thing an another.

The first is one of the cards shown on the Classroom show today and is very similar to the card Barbara did but the other way round..

I added a ribbon and a couple of embellishments to finish the card off.

The last card I enjoyed doing and it was using the twiggy framer set and the miniture farm animals set. I made this scene and then to complete it I used the letterbox set to make the Down on the farm sentiment. I really love that set and the new shapes are well worth getting as they really add to the versatility of the set.

I hope you are having a good day! I am. I have been to the Christmas Markets in Manchester with Amy and then came home and had a cuppa watching the classroom with Barbara Gray which I had recorded! How marvellous!

Have a good evening and happy Crafting


  1. Two lovely cards, Jane especially love the twiggy farm set one, have to dust mine off once I have got my Christmas cards done. Glad you had a lovely day at the Markets, you can't beat markets for atmosphere especially this time of year xx Annie

  2. WOW Jane these are stunning!

    Linda xxx

  3. Fab cards, I especially love the sunshine stencil, this as well as the new shape letter shapes are on my christmas wishlist x

  4. beautiful cards. love the sunshine card. it's bright and warm and i want to be there xx