Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oh Beehive!

Here is another of my samples from the Clarity Stamp Weekend. You did see this one on friday but the set was so popular you might have missed it!

This one takes us back to one of the early classroom shows when Barbara demonstrated how to create a Bee hive. As soon as I saw the shapes this one also popped into my head! I thought the hexagons would make a lovely background making it look like honey comb! I think it helped that I had been to the Harrogate Flower show recently and I am always fascinated by the Bee keepers Society that always have a stand there.

I started off by creating the beehive in the centre by cutting a mask for it from copy paper then inking through it masking off the sections to get the lines I then cut a little door into the inny bit and inked with espresson to create the bees way in.

I then stamped the hexagons for the words around the hive in butterscotch adirondack and masked them off. The new masks are fab for this.

I continued to stamp hexagons all around the edge of the card. I then used a stencil brush...the new clarity ones are fab! .....and brushed butterscotch ink around the outside edge to create a soft yellow colour. As I got near to the hive I stopped brushing to highlight the centre.

I then removed the masks from the hexagons and in espresso I stamped the letters to read BEE HAPPY. Then stamped the bees in place.

I mounted this onto dark brown then cream card. The card blank I stamped around the edge with the hexagons and bees but blotted first to get a softer colour and without reloading my brush I softened the white card before adding my topper.

Hope you like it and if you got the shapes set well done.....if you didn't I hope you get one soon! xx

Happy Crafting

Jane xx


  1. Fab Jane... I love these shapes and you've done them proud! Love it xxx

  2. Fab Jane... I love these shapes and you've done them proud! Love it xxx

  3. I loved this one when I saw it on TV. I wondered whose it was. Fab work Jane. x

  4. Lovely card , I NEED the new shapes ;-)

  5. Superb card Jane. One of many I have seen that you made. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Fab card again Jane your artwork always is so crisp love the colours too xx

  7. Great card Jane and great use of the shapes....
    What a fantastic Clarity weekend it has been...x