Saturday, 13 April 2013

End of playtime!

Well thats the Easter Holidays over and its back to work on Monday
I do feel as if I've had a really long holiday this Easter...maybe with working right up to the thursday before Good friday....I dunno but its been a good holiday.

And I have now done another of those things I want to do....I had my hair shocking pink!!!...Its nearly all gone might still be in a bit on Monday but hey!

I have also been doing more of my journal and will now share a few of my most recent pages.

The first is using the tall trees classroom stamp by clarity.
As soon as I saw it I just got Stairway to heaven running through my brain so I used it as a page

The background I did by just randomly dividing into sections and then colouring in with pencil crayons.

The next page I had a go at doing was using the Clarity Birdcage set. I love this set and it has endless possibilities

After that I thought I'd use the Indigo Blu BFF stamps and create something. I also used Ella Bella

The last one is a page using bits and bobs of paper I had in my bit box...well its one way to use them up! I also inked a bit andadded some twirls of paper string!!! Fun times!

I hope you have enjoyed looking today and I will be back to share more with you very soon. Let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting

Jane xx


  1. Glad you had a good Easter holiday. I still need more time - 2weeks isn't enough for me!
    I love your journal pages, they're so colourful and all so different x

  2. Hi Jane, your journal pages are stunning!!! Love all the different stamps and techniques you have used. So glad to have seen you at Harrogate and glad that you have enjoyed your holiday.

    Linda xxx

  3. Jane the journal pages are lovely. Isnt it a bummer having to go back to work after a holiday, I always think that you should have a holiday after a holiday to get over the holiday if you folow my drift.lolx

  4. Quite inspired now to have a go with my journal, what a lovely thing to do with your Easter holidays.

  5. Hi Jane, great pages...really vibrant and all so different...glad you have enjoyed your holidays...and hope you don't get sent to the head teachers office on Monday due to your pink

    1. I'll just say it's my creative side....or ink!

  6. These are beautiful pages Jane. It's lovely to see journaling pages that make you think of beautiful things rather than pain and
    Beryl xx

  7. I am back to work this week too- ugh its a drag, but got to fund the crafty habit. haha!
    Lovely pages Jane, very inspirational. Have a look at my daughters journalling on her blog You may remember us from tha last workshop in Preston with Maria. Hopw to see you again - are you going this weekend?x

    1. Hi Ann..yes I'm going this weekend! Are you? Hope so! X

  8. Great we are too - cant wait (hating work at the moment)x

  9. Your work is delightful. Those journal pages are fab. I would be so proud if I had done those.x