Friday, 15 March 2013

Oh I have been a naughty blogger....

....and not been blogging much! I have just been rather busy and then been ill!

Well Its all rainy and awful here and I am still full of this terrible cold/flu!
Just had my first Lemsip of the day and thought that I would share a card I made for a friend who is not well at the moment!

I used the indigo blu clockworks set and a kaisercraft background stamp and masks to do this one. I also used the indigo blu crackle background stamp.

The sentiment I made on the PC as I couldn't find one I liked in my small selection of stamps!!! Ahem! Slight exageration there!

I know he liked it!

Oh well short and sweet but I need to sleep now!

Happy Crafting and stay warm and dry everyone

Jane xx


  1. I'm sure he did Jane, lovely card. I adore the softness of the gold in the background. Get better soon.

  2. Gorjuss Jane, love the colours you have used, dont go overdoing it though or your take longer to get better darling x

    Judie x

  3. Lovely card Jane. I hope you're feeling better soon. x

  4. Love your card Jane and get better soon! Xx

  5. I'm sure your friend Loved your card it's lovely
    ...Get well soon xxx

  6. It's lovely Jane - love the stamp set, the colour scheme and the design. I'm thinking my list for the NEC is getting a bit like Pinochio's nose!!
    I've been drinking Lift lemon tea, honey and sometimes added paracetamol. Makes a lovely long drink and seems to work just as well as Lemsip.
    Beryl xx

  7. My cold remedy of choice is real lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey in a large mug of hot water, plus regular paracetamol. The lemon and honey can be drunk as often as you like to soothe a sore throat, cut through catarrh, give you extra vitamin C. I also inhale steam from one of those special cups with a mask attached, usually with lavender or eucalyptus oil in. I am glad I am not the only one to add computer generated sentiments, I never seem to have exactly the one I want for that person. Your card is lovely and I am sure your friend will love it. Thank you for your visit and kind comments on my entry to the Clarity challenge. Your opinion is much appreciated. xx Maggie #50