Friday, 20 July 2012

Lovely day

Wednesday, the first day of my jollies went really well.

To start it off Sheena Douglass was on the telly at 8 o'clock am so I woke up just in time to turn the telly on and watch it in indulgent of me!
Loved the backgrounds she was creating and the cards made were fab! Hope mine look half as good when I get my stamps.

I then got ready to go out to Poynton Garden Centre where I was going to the workshop run by Jo Rice. Todays class was Fabulous Florals! There were no clues to what we would be doing til we got there.

Jo handed out an assortment of backing papers and showed us the magazine that we could get them from.

We were going to have a go at making flowers then using them to make a card or 2!

We all had a go at making a rose...mine was OK but I decided to make the other type of rose where you cut a spiral and then roll it up quilling style and then glue it so it stays together..I made 2 of these and used them in my first card.

The second card we could do whatever we wanted using our papers. Jo gave us a button to use and we had access to distress inks and stamps if we wanted. Here is the card I made

I had a thoroughly nice morning and stayed for a bit whilst Jo got set up for the afternoon and had a drink and a natter with her and Alex!
I of course went to have a look in the shop where they had some new Indigo Blu stamps in. I had to buy a set....the poppy! I will be making good use of this stamp set, I am certain!

It was a really great start to my holidays! Thank you Jo!

Hope you are having a crafty day

Jane xx


  1. Gorgeous cards Jane, beautiful colours and textures


  2. Not sure which is the best, Both lovely cards, well done

  3. So glad you enjoyed your morning Jane, looking forward to crafting together soon. X

  4. Love your work Jane and now I'm a follower I can keep up with all of your gorgeous creations :-)

    xx Sazzle xx