Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My First ever demo

I was asked if I would do a demo of One Stroke painting/Paint Fusion techniques at H. G Crafts which is in the grounds of Poynton Garden Centre. I said I would and agreed to do the demo on Bank holiday Monday (June 4th) as part of the Jubilee Celebrations.

I spent some time gathering together some samples either by painting new things or by 'borrowing' back things I had painted and given to my friends and family as gifts. They were all quite happy to lend them to me as long as I looked after them and also gave them back after!!!

So the day arrived and I was nervous but in for a penny as they say!!

Sunday had been awful weather but when I opened the curtains it looked like it culd either be a lovely day or end up raining. As the demo was to be outside the shop I hoped it would stay dry at least.

I had packed all my things up on Sunday evening and so I could get set up I went off to get there for just before 10. That way I could drive the car to in front of the shop and unload before I had to park the car in the car park.

Pauline (who owns and runs the shop) helped me get set up with tables and a chair. So I set up my samples table and then my working table. Pauline also got a table arranged so that people could watch me then have a go themselves.
Here is a picture of my samples table.

Once all was set up it was nearly 11 so I sat down and got my paints out and straight away I had someone watching me! It was a little strange at first but me being me and able to talk to anyone I really enjoyed it!

It was lovely that some of my friends came along to support me. It made it much easier to do the demo I think.

I was a little taken aback when Maria Simms arrived to watch me. She is to me such an inspiration and to me she is a bit of a celeb in the crafting world and there she was to see me do my demo!!! OMG! But she is so nice and genuinely enjoyed it I think!
I had taken my sandwiches for my lunch but got so engrossed in what I was doing and had people there watching me all the time that I suddenly realised that I hadn't had time to eat them.

I hope it was OK for everyone who came and watched. I know a few people had a go for themselves and I hope that they continue to practice and enjoy it as I do!
notice the nails and hair!!

 I would love to do more now even though it was tiring it ws a nice kind of tired!

If you read this and did come to the demo please let me know truthfully how I did!

Have a crafty day!

Jane xx

Day out at the Clarity NW Workshop

On Sunday I went off with Jo and Rae to the Clarity NW workshop run by the lovely Maria Simms. She does the most amazing cards and I had been looking forward to it for ages.
It was pouring down as we set off and rained the whole way there ...and back for that matter!
I picked up Jo and we headed off to Rae's house then she took over in her car and drove us to Birkenhead where the workshop was. We went under the Mersey through the Birkenhead tunnel and I do hope that no one was filming us in Rae's car as she tried to use the device aimed at getting you through the toll more the end she managed to get it to work (with a bit of colourful language) but it would have been quicker the throw the coins in the basket!!!

We arrived in good time and it was lovely to see Maria again.

There were 9 ladies doing the workshop on Sunday some had obviously been before others like me were new to the group!

First job was to get the coffee made then when everyone was there and ready to start we were off on the day!
We had all been given a clarity stamp (which you will see in the photos) and our next job was to take the blue off it...this proved more difficult than it sounds! We got to take the stamp home at the end!

Then we were ready to do our first card.

Maria had given us all the card stock we would need and showed us the sample card. We had to use the brayer and resist technique using versamark pad and then cranberry over it. This piece of card was then cut into 3 pieces and matted onto a piece of black card.

We then stamped the image onto a piece of card and pulled some of the ink out using a damp paintbrush. This was then cut into a circle so that it could be mounted with the largest die cut over it.
I just love the die cuts we used...Spellbinders cogs and sprockets...I have added them to my wish list!

Here is the first card we made.

The clock was stamped and cut out and then when I got home I added the glaze to it.

The second card used the same stamp but using a more messy ink technique. I loved the lemonade adirondack that was used. We had used a coloured Archival Ink pad to stamp the image first I think it was Pale Ochre that we used!!

We then had to cut some cevrons from some brown card and used a versamark pad to stamp it. We then went round the edge with a fineliner to make faux stitching. I used a brown fineliner so it was not so harsh as black. I loved how the card then looked like leather.
Twine was added finish the card and here it is.

The next card saw us stamping out the same image 4 times and pulling out the ink again! We then had to cut out parts of the image as we were going to create a decoupage of the image.
We also created an apperture by embossing the card front. We then spritzed it with mica spray and cut out the central square for our apperture!
The decoupaged image was stuck onto some black card and this then attached to the back of the card so it could be seen through the apperture. Again I highlighted the watch face with glaze when I got home!

The final card was a real quick one.

We maked off the top and bottom of the blank card leaving a 2inch(approx) gap in the middle then used our stamp to stamp along the space we had created. We then used either a make up sponge, ink blender or brushes to blend ink to the edges. I used my new brushes and was well impressed with the result!

I finished it off at home with 2 wiggly lines top and bottom and 3 gems. It just needs a sentiment now but that can wait til I know who it's going to and for what!

All in all it was a great day out. Well worth the money and when you weigh it up it was excellent value!

Maria is such an inspiration and the cards we did could be done with so many different stamps and using different colours!
I certainly want to go again!

Hope you are all having a lovely crafty day

Jane xx