Sunday, 11 March 2012

Red Roses

With Paint Fusion and all I have been painting allsorts of things but always sticking to pastel shades of flowers especially on the roses. I have done some delicate lemon and pink roses where the pink or the yellow has been mixed in with white to give the light and shade in the rose.
I wanted to have a go at painting red roses. So how hard could it be. I mean red roses are red! So I got the paint out and selected my red paint....then I stopped. How was I going to get the shading. If I put white with the red they would be pink roses. So I looked at my paints and I had 3 shades of red...a scarlet, one called rouge and a burgundy. I thought if I put the burgundy on one edge of the brush and the rouge on the other that would give me the shade I needed to have some contrast in the rose. So off I went and painted the rose...It was OK but not what I wanted really. I debated other colours I could use as my dark until I picked up the black.....I wonder what that would look like. I painted a second rose using the rouge and black and on the rouge edge I dipped a bit of scarlet to really make the edges bright! and yes that was what I wanted. Here is the trial piece I did to get my final red rose!!!

The bottom rose is the one with the black and I think you will agree it is the better one. I had a practice at doing the leaves too!
Then I painted a single red rose. I think this would make a lovely anniversary card.

Then finally I got my candle out to paint. I got this one from Lidl at just over £1 and its scented! so now it smells nice as well as looking quite pleasing!

So there it attempt at painting red roses.
I hope your weekend has been nice and crafty. 



  1. They are gorgeous well done you. Chris xx

  2. Hi Jane, looks like you had a fab crafty time, the roses look great. So realistic.
    Gorgeous. Jo. xx