Monday, 3 October 2011

Been having a paint!

Well I had put my paints away for a while but I couldn't resist any longer and the little brown box I bought a while ago needed to be decorated.
So I set to and decided to do it with pansies all over it!
I started off painting the box a pale cream colour but that looked too insipid so I added a bit of mustard colouor to the next coat and didnt mix it thoroughly so it had a slight uneven fininsh.
The inside I painted a dark green then left the whole thing to dry out.
I then stamped the leaves and the pansies all over the box and the lid and then left it until today to paint!
I used a mixture of lilacs and cream for the smaller pansies and purples and yellows for the larger ones. The leaves I used a dark green and cream to give the leaf effect!
I am pretty pleased with how it looks and will use it as a gift box for someone in the near future!
Here is a photo of the box fully closed.
And here is one with the lid slighty open so you can see inside.

Well I have now put the paints away for a while now...until the urge overwhelms me again!!!
Bye for now and thanks for looking
Jane xx


  1. Hello Jane I have had a good look at your blog and love your work ... I have tried this Paint fusion lark and I was rubbish!! I just cannot get the hang of it ... This is a beautiful piece of work. I will be popping back now and again to see what you are doing ... you are a very clever lady !

    Luv E xx

  2. Oh wow Jane you have made a lovely job of this! Whoever is lucky enough to receive this (if you can bear to part with it), will love it.

    Helen xx

  3. oooo good job love this. and the flowers are lovely my Favourite flower
    pauline x