Sunday, 18 September 2011

Good Sunday afternoon

Well another week over!!!
Harrogate was amazing! I had the most wonderful time. We arrived well in time for the workshop with Barbara and It was a really good hour ...even though it whizzed by! I didn't have time to breathe let alone take pics!!!
Here is the picture we created in the workshop. Barbara did it first then we had to follow her lead!

It would make a beautiful christmas card I think!

I did spend quite a lot at the show but still came home with some cash in my purse which for me is quite unusual! But I got what I went for and that was the main thing.

Sheena Douglass was also at the show doing demos of paint fusion. I could only watch from afar as there was always so many people crowding round to see her fab technique.

Now a bit of sadness. Our friend Wendy has lost her mum this week. She was really ill and lost the fight on Wednesday/Thursday. Poor Wendy will feel a tremendous loss I know and she is definitely in our thoughts. I got out my old faithful Create a scene stamps to make this card for her.

I hope it brings her some comfort to know that we are thinking about her at this sad time.

Well the weekend has been Ok up to now...I was taken out for a meal last night to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow. We went for a Chinese buffet which was fab and had lots to eat...then home in time to watch the X factor whilst drinking a rather large glass of Bailey's! Lovely!

Now its Sunday afternoon and planning time! Then I may just squeeze ina bit of crafting with some of the things I got in Harrogate!

Hope you are all having a good afternoon

Jane xx

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