Monday, 3 October 2011

Been having a paint!

Well I had put my paints away for a while but I couldn't resist any longer and the little brown box I bought a while ago needed to be decorated.
So I set to and decided to do it with pansies all over it!
I started off painting the box a pale cream colour but that looked too insipid so I added a bit of mustard colouor to the next coat and didnt mix it thoroughly so it had a slight uneven fininsh.
The inside I painted a dark green then left the whole thing to dry out.
I then stamped the leaves and the pansies all over the box and the lid and then left it until today to paint!
I used a mixture of lilacs and cream for the smaller pansies and purples and yellows for the larger ones. The leaves I used a dark green and cream to give the leaf effect!
I am pretty pleased with how it looks and will use it as a gift box for someone in the near future!
Here is a photo of the box fully closed.
And here is one with the lid slighty open so you can see inside.

Well I have now put the paints away for a while now...until the urge overwhelms me again!!!
Bye for now and thanks for looking
Jane xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Good Sunday afternoon

Well another week over!!!
Harrogate was amazing! I had the most wonderful time. We arrived well in time for the workshop with Barbara and It was a really good hour ...even though it whizzed by! I didn't have time to breathe let alone take pics!!!
Here is the picture we created in the workshop. Barbara did it first then we had to follow her lead!

It would make a beautiful christmas card I think!

I did spend quite a lot at the show but still came home with some cash in my purse which for me is quite unusual! But I got what I went for and that was the main thing.

Sheena Douglass was also at the show doing demos of paint fusion. I could only watch from afar as there was always so many people crowding round to see her fab technique.

Now a bit of sadness. Our friend Wendy has lost her mum this week. She was really ill and lost the fight on Wednesday/Thursday. Poor Wendy will feel a tremendous loss I know and she is definitely in our thoughts. I got out my old faithful Create a scene stamps to make this card for her.

I hope it brings her some comfort to know that we are thinking about her at this sad time.

Well the weekend has been Ok up to now...I was taken out for a meal last night to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow. We went for a Chinese buffet which was fab and had lots to eat...then home in time to watch the X factor whilst drinking a rather large glass of Bailey's! Lovely!

Now its Sunday afternoon and planning time! Then I may just squeeze ina bit of crafting with some of the things I got in Harrogate!

Hope you are all having a good afternoon

Jane xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello everyone

Well first full week over ...6 more to go.
It has been quite a good week really I think and everyone seems to be settling in OK.
I have got a form group for the first time in ages and it is a little strange especially as they are the new year 7s and I think they think I am their mum at times. I daresay they will grow out of that pretty soon.
I havent had time to do much craft but I did do one card for my daughter's friend. Here is a pic of it. I saw the design i a magazine and used the papers they had given you to do it. I added a different sentiment and inside I wrote Happy birthday in spanish as the girl it was for is a spanish teacher.

Tomorrow I am off to Harrogate to the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza. I will be there doing a workshop with the great Barbara Gray and then be able to look round the show where Sheena Douglous will be hopefully demoing paint fusion so will be able to watch her for a while and pick up those vital tips!

I will take my camera so that I can let you see what sort of day I have had!

I am off now as I will have an early start tomorrow...Have to be in Harrogate for just after 8.30am!!!!...Setting off about 6.30 so that we will be there in good time!

See you all soon

Jane xx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Good bank Holiday morning!

Well I had a good afternoon yesterday finishing off bits a pieces and then doing some paint fusion! I bought 2 plant pots to paint and finally got round to doing one yesterday. I used the little bow out of the Christmas wreath set round the top and linked them all together with some painted swags which I did freehand.

I love the daisies and so those went round the body of the pot.

Once I had finished that I decided to paint a candle. We are going out to dinner later to our good friends house. She loves candles and is a very girly girl so I had to do something pink!
I tried to do gerberas and used the brush stokes that I used for the daisy but in pink! I also did it freehand as I didn't want it as big as the daisy on the candle!
Then I used a smaller brush for the centre then my stubby brush for the centre in yellow and then in brown.
I think it works!
Here is a photo of it anyway and then you can decide.

I am looking forward to our trip out later but it does mean that I can't do any crafting today so the house will stay tidy!

See you all soon

Jane xx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cottage Flowers

When I was having a little tidy up of my craft stuff I found some stamps that I bought ages ago but have never used. It was a set of unmounted stamps by Creative Expressions called Country Flowers and another called Button Florals

So this afternoon my mission was to use the stamp sets to make a card.
I had to cut both sets out first ...thats how I knew I had not used them!!!

Anyway in the end this is what I made.

These are pictures of each part of it
I think I am having a green phase again!!! with a bit of blue thrown in!
Anyway I better go and tidy up's amazing how much stuff I have got out to make this and how much mess I have made!!!

Christmas Paint Fusion

Well I just couldn't resist it!!! And I had to get the new range! Love them. The Ivy is so useful using it with my painted roses as a filler on th ecandles...they are in the post I put on earlier.

Here are 2 pictures of my christmas toppers I have painted ...not made them into cards yet but will be doing!!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Truely Rosey!

Here is a card I made this afternoon from a topper I painted at my craft group. I love these roses and think they make a stunning card with a simple card layout. Let me know what you think!

It's a bit distressing really!

Having been making my christmas cards over the last 4 weeks I decided I had had enough and needed to do something a bit different!

I went to a demo at Poynton Garden Centre and saw how to use alcohol inks. It was something I had seen before but never really bothered with it. However once I saw how to use them in conjuction with stamping and distree inks I was hooked.

Here is the card I just made. It is quite a different style than I am used to but I think it is something I could quite easily get used to!!! I used my Natures Wonder stamps by Creative expressions for the images and the background to the topper was done with the alcohol inks dripped randomly onto the blending tool and dabbed on.

Anyway enough of my is the card

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Keeping up with things

I was asked earlier today if I have a blog and I forget I have...I have not kept it going as I should do so I am going to try and update it as often as I can.
Those of you who know me on Facebook and on the docrafts website will know I have made many cards over the summer and also have been madly painting using my new favourite crafty technique.

I actually can't believe that my summer holiday is nearly at an end and that next Thursday its the start of a new school year and the start of September!

But with it comes the fact that Harrogate show is therefore getting close and also my birthday (although at my age the less said about that the better).

I will try and add some more photos of stuff tomorrow so be patient with me and if you have any tips of how I can improve my blog please let me know!

I just love Paint Fusion

This is becoming my most favourite hobby. I just love that I can get good professional looking picture despite me being unable to draw or paint til I had a go at this.

Here are some of my pictures and cards made using paint fusion or folk art style painting!

Painting again!

This is a candle I have done. Front and back of the candle is shown.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Well hello again bloggers!

I forgot I had even done this but I have to say I need some help in making my blog look nice. Once I get there I am usually pretty ok with technology but just need a gentle push in the right direction!!!

The candle you can see is one of my recent creations!
I just love this paint fusion technique and keep looking at things I can paint ....and I mean items round the home.

Any way must get on

See you all soon