Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Our Anniversary

We had a lovely day. We went over to Newport for the night. On the way we stopped at a pub in Haughton called the Bell. It was a really old pub with the low beams and didn't look much from the road but it was lovely inside and the landlord was very welcoming. We had lunch there which was gorgeous and would set us on til much later.
From there we went on to Newport and beforre going to our hotel we called round to see Martin and Charlie. Martin was out but Charlie was there adn was glad to see us. She made us a cup of coffee and we had a natter. Martin came back in andwe nattered some more then we left to go to our hotel so that they could get ready to meet us later for our wild night out.

In our hotel we found a gift from Martin and Charlie for our anniversary.
We had a wash and brush up! Got changed and then went down to the hotel bar where we had arranged to meet our friends. here are the photos of us outside the hotel.

Then Charlie and Martin Arrived and we started our night out!
Here they are with me outside our hotel at the start of our pub crawl

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